COVID-19 and logistical processes: a challenge and opportunity

Social distancing… Something we were unfamiliar with until 2020. It’s a counter intuitive principle for most people. We are social beings and this necessary measure is messing with our social nature. But it is important now to survive. To make sure our healthcare system can cope with all the COVID-19 infections. It is necessary, because keeping a safe distance between each other minimizes the change of the virus being transferred via droplets from coughing or sneezing.


COVID-19 makes running logistical processes difficult, but not impossible

All industries suffer during this corona-crisis. Many production plants, warehouses and transit facilities are experiencing operational difficulties: by a general imposed lock-down or by being imposed very strict rules en procedures to be able to keep working. The economical impact of this virus is not to be underestimated: stock markets struggle and the price of an oil barrel is at a 20 year low. The IMF (International Monetary Fund) expects a global recession of roughly 3% in 2020 alone, not predicting what the long term effects might be.


“The economy suffers and many companies will have to adapt to survive!” – Frederik Winters, CBO RiskMatrix


Companies with many employees can be considered a risk: not only regarding individual infection, but such companies are also a source of spreading the virus into everyday life: families, friends, co-workers, customers, suppliers, … you name it. This risk vastly increases when these employees are exposed to ‘external’ people entering the company’s site and infrastructure.


The turn to technology will help companies to overcome these risks

During this crisis online communication tools and intelligent cloud application saw a 135% increase. And while foreign travel is mostly out of the question, worldwide, transport and logistics activities have become more relevant than ever. Online shops are outgrowing the traditional retail market, making the on-time delivery of goods and supplies crucial. During these exceptional times, the logistical industry stepped up and now plays an important role for the benefit of society. But this industry also sharply reacts to any weakening of trade flows, making it particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 and any future pandemics.



Logistical companies ask:

“How to enable a physical distance between our staff and our site visitors?”

This is where CURA steps in. It is an innovative Logistics Yard Management solution that has a proven track record in warehouses, at production sites and for transport service providers. CURA is a cloud based technology solution that enhances the operations of transport on site, starting from the transport booking announcement, over the live track and trace of the truck’s arrival until the truck leaves the premises.

Expanded with a transport supplier communication module, CURA enables mobile registration, communication, site access control, too early/too late management, on site flow control and digital road paperwork handling. This in full autonomy without the need of staff intervention: simple and safe to use. The CURA solution is always tailored to the client’s needs. The building blocks are there, how they are assembled is enhanced to fit logistical needs. To enable full process control on logistics site management, the process is fully automated. This approach ensures correct data and flow processing through smart applications that enable physical distancing between the staff and registrants.

That is why all physical and virtual kiosks that will guide and inform truck drivers on-site will communicate with a web application and with mobile applications, adapted to the client’s process requirements. Flow control is ensured by the web applications’ instructions towards the kiosks.

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