Is Europe ready for a second wave of Corona?

According to an article on, a second wave of the dreaded corona virus is almost certainly upon us, as some regions across Europe are already going into lockdown. Should we fear a renewed disruption by COVID-19 or can we manage with the old ‘business as usual’?

What could trigger a second wave?

Well, for one: lifting lockdown restrictions too far. Lockdowns have caused massive disruption around the world – destroying jobs, affecting people’s health and taking children out of school – but they have controlled the virus. The ultimate puzzle is how to maintain control, while minimising daily disruption, according to experts. But nobody is 100% sure how far we can go.


Can your organization survive a second lockdown?

Many companies have been thoroughly stretched during these months of pandemic isolation. But one thing stood out amongst everything else. Organizations, agile enough to implement new digital innovations have been emerging stronger from this ordeal. Having the technology to enable your employees to work from anywhere, being flexible with work organization and having the right tools to support this vision: it’s simply important to have these in place when the unforeseen strikes!

This is what a crisis unveils: investing in technology that makes your processes digital and that is easy to adjust to any circumstance should always be a priority!


RiskMatrix innovation

RiskMatrix has developed tools that will see your organization get through the next wave of corona with fewer issues. Our CURA platform ensures that a manufacturing facility should never close due to the inability to maintain a safe distance. Truck drivers delivering and picking up cargo can do everything digitally, ever the paperwork, just by using their own digital device.

No need to worry about visitors bringing COVID-19 into your offices with REGO visitor management, where we can provide your building with an virtual host and with the possibility of screening anyone for corona-symptoms.


A second wave of the virus is coming, experts agree.

Don’t let it drown out the business you’ve so carefully built up.

Invest in smart technology today to thrive tomorrow!


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